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Afghanistan Struggle Ends Frozen Funds
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Afghanistan  Struggle Ends Frozen Funds
By Masud HMN*)
Taliban government leader Mullah Mohammad Hassan   set hard struggle to release  Frozen Funds.That is among of  targeted sanctions by the US. For Afghanistan   is important thing  solution  to economic crisis. 
A my  student asking  me what economic conditions in Afghanistan after Taliban Leader take over government. For me  this important  question a part sympathy  Indonesian people to Afghanistan Not easy for explains or give  complete answer.   How ever  The Taliban renewed its call for the United States to release billions of dollars in frozen funds after two days of talks in Doha as aid-dependent Afghanistan grapples with an economic crisis.
Cited  talks Muhyiddin Junaidi Chairman International Relation   Indonesian Ulama  Counsil (MUI) views Afghanistan  to day is  part of  struggle  people and  they need serious  support.  Indonesia’s  suggest  them  should  works together for  stop  they intern conflict, and economic crisis, said Muhyiddin Junaidi  (CNN Indonesia News,July,30,2021) 
Then, I tray to search some news resource. Fortunetly  I get AFP News Agency December1st,2021, edition.  Accord AFP news  The Afghans also called for an end to blacklists and sanctions in meetings led by Taliban Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaqi and Tom West, the US special representative talks  for Taliban  Afghanistangovernment..It was the second round of talks between the two sides in Qatar 
Lets, as we know that  is since the US ended its 20-year occupation of Afghanistan and the hard-line Islamists rapidly returned.“The two delegations discussed political, economic, human, health, education and security issues as well as providing necessary banking and cash facilities,” tweeted Afghan foreign ministry spokesman Abdul Qahar Balkhi.“The Afghan delegation assured the US side of security and urged that Afghanistan’s frozen money should be release unconditionally, blacklists and sanctions must end and human issues be separated from political ones.” That AFP news  (December,1st,2021)
Washington seized nearly $9.5 billion in assets belonging to the Afghan central bank. The International Monetary Fund and the World Bank also suspended activities in Afghanistan, withholding aid as well as $340 million in new reserves issued by the IMF in AugustThe Afghan economy has effectively collapsed, with civil servants unpaid for months and the treasury unable to pay for imports. The United Nations has warned that around 22 million people, more than half the population, will face an “acute” food shortage in the winter months conditions  along month December  2021 till month  January 2022 next year .
Taliban government leader Mullah Mohammad Hassan Akhund is among targeted  ends to  the American  sanctions.That  need all support from ordinary Afghanistan people 
“The United States remains committed to ensuring that US sanctions do not limit the ability of Afghan civilians to receive humanitarian support from the US government and international community while denying assets to sanctioned entities and individuals,” State Department spokesman Ned Price said in a statement.
“The Department of the Treasury has issued general licenses to support the continued flow    of humanitarian assistance to the people of  Afghanistan and other activities support basic human needs.”
The US also urged the Taliban to provide access to education for women and girls across the country and “expressed deep concern regarding allegations of human rights abuses.”
It reminded the Taliban of its commitment not to allow terrorist organizations to operate on its soil and  to guarantee safe passage not only  for US citizens but for  all nation guarantee peace and safe visit and go  out Afghanistan.
The  US and many country called for the release of US citizen Mark Frerichs, who was kidnapped in Afghanistan in February last year.The Taliban called the talks “positive” and said Muttaqi also met with the Japanese and German ambassadors to Afghanistan in Doha.
Finally, on my opinion in Indonesia  perspective, Afghanistan Taliban  Government to day, as silently  and slow  rapidly  on the track  better  on the future be come  stability  government, in south East  Asia region Country 
( Source Arab News,AFP )
Jakarta  December,2nd,2021.
*) Mas’ ud HMN is  Lecture  Muhammadiyah University UHAMKA Jakarta.Email


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