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National Day Saudi Arabia 91 st and Briliyant Program
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National Day Saudi Arabia  91st And Briliyant  Program
By Dr Masud  HMN *) 
National Day Kingdom Saudi Arabia 91st 23  September  2021  indicated with Human Capability  Development  Program (HCDP).  That created by  Prince Crown  Mohammad Salman (MBS) recently 
The  idea of  (HCDP) Program of  The Crown Prince Mohammad  bin Salman (MBS) seems  is briliyant  and  very relevant .  Particularly  prepared new generated  standard  academic knowledge  with personal skills that enable them to adapt changing world .
This  iniative  briliyant in  change classic  traditional, and  very relevant  for standard academic added,individual skills to adapt caondition on the future. In short word this  inisiative  help to  cover opportunity  around us  town and cities.
Prince MBS  said  it has develop the need and aspiration of all segment of society. So Guiding  people from Children through their  education, training  and the labor market Interesting to understand this topic  if we  read article Intelectual women of Saudi Arabia  mamely Dr  Chadeer  Talal Madri under  topic Looking to Future on our National DaySh
She views,that  HCDP  give  best  opportunity for Arab Saudi people , Particularly change  mid set, and adapt to new era with  personal  capability, and  modernism. Ghadeer Talal believe, she  working  as Lecture Ummul Qura University Meccah  that  academic capability, personal skill  and  labor training is most important  on the future. On she views  it  is part of   support to Saudia Vission 2030.
The article publish by Saudia Gazeth  news daily, 23 September  2021. It is relate with   HCDP program launch   connected National Day 91st, Kingdom Saudi Arabia. And it is bulid as three vilar interesting to provide life long  learning  opportunity
“ I believe The HCDP will play very significant role on this time “ Gharer Talal  Malibari written.
The end,  on Indonesia persfectif we  appreciate this  program, We on behalf Indonesia people  to explain long age to King Salman  King of Saudi Arbia. Congrotulutions  on National Day 91st  for Saudi Arabia  people .
Republic Indonesia  and Kingdom Saudi Arabia need  continue friendship among two country. We have  good  permanent specific  relation people to people in long time  until now . We pray Allah Subhanahu wata'ala protect us all. Amiin yarabbal alamiin.
Jakarta September.23,2021
*) DR Masud  HMN Lecture Muhammadiyah Univesity  UHAMKA Jakarta, Email


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