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Kashmir the Actual Facts
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Kashmir – the Actual Facts
By Suudi Nur

The topic is interesting and serious because it comes from an important person. Shahid Javed Burki, Former Finance Minister of Pakistan and Vice President of the World Bank, in his article ‘Drums of War’ in Jakarta Post of March 8, 2019, has rightly indicated that Pakistan was the aggressor with malafide intensions in Kashmir in 1947.
The armed tribesmen supported by the active Pakistani army personnel, entered into Kashmir on October 23, 1947 and created havoc in Kashmir. They looted and killed people including children, raped girls, took young girls along with them back to Pakistan. All the sufferers were Kashmiri Muslims. The situation was so serious that the ruler of Kashmir, Maharaja Hari Singh had to take India’s help.
So, Pakistan always tells people about forceful intervention of India into Kashmir during that time, but it never tells the world why India was required to enter Kashmir, as that would certainly expose Pakistan’s hypocrisy.
As we all know, Pakistan every year observes ‘Black Day’ on Kashmir. It tells that on this date the Indian forces entered into Kashmir. It never tells the world the brutalities it committed on the people of Kashmir that necessitated India’s presence there to prevent further genocide of the native Kashmiri people. Indian forces could be able to save Kashmir and Kashmiris from the Pakistani looters. During this process, some part of the area, came into possessions of Pakistan, before Indian could have reached there.
It was India that saved Kashmir from the sinful designs of Pakistani establishment. Since then it gave very good reason to Pakistan government to divert the attention of its people from the domestic problems in Pakistan and Pakistan army to mint money from the aids Pakistan received from international donors for developmental purposes inside Pakistan. 
Islamabad interested in the geographical area of Kashmir. It has no interest in Kashmiri people and their aspirations. In the name of religion, it has created a divide in the hearts of the Kashmiri people. Pakistan has no answer how it treats its own Muslim citizens (Muhajirs – those Muslims, who moved from India during partition, Ahmadiyahs, Shias, etc), but from other side, it shows that it is the caretaker of Kashmiri people. What happened in Bangladesh?
World opinion the ‘Rape of Bangladesh’ at the hands of Pakistani army. How it is debatable, but Bangladeshis were wise to understand the sinister design of Pakistani government. Bangladeshis courageously opposed the inflictions from Pakistani army. Here also India came forward to save Bangladeshis from Pakistani hands.
Those Banglades his were also Muslims. Some experts in Asian studies believe that Islamabad has always been inflicted atrocities upon the people of the Pak Administration Kashmir (territory in Pakistani occupation). People are devoid of basic rights, amenities, and facilities. Extra-judicial killings and custody killings are quite common in that territory. People are terrorised and deprived and deprived of their full political rights. I agree on the above point view. The area lacks schools, hospitals, and other amenities. Instead, it is harbouring various terrorist groups in the area.  Those terrorists act against Indian interests with full support of Pakistani army. All arms and ammunition are being supplied by Pakistan army to those terrorists.
If Pakistan stopped supporting Kashmiri youth against India, all problems would be solved in Kashmir. Since the creation, it is befooling the world by giving false information. Human rights record of Pakistan is not hidden from the world. Can it tell about Human rights situation in Pak Administered Kashmir, Baluchistan, its dealing with Muhajirs, Minorities? Are they safe? Does Pakistan have any answer why the Muslims, who came to Pakistan after partition, are called Muhajirs and regarded as 2nd class citizens? In Pak Administered Kashmir, people continue to bear the human rights violations by the Pakistan military and Administration. There is full control of Pak Army on civilian activities.
It has harboured terrorist in Pak Administered Kashmir. They have their training grounds and launching pads in that area. From these places, it sends those terrorists into India, which is well known to the world. It is paying Kashmiri youth money to act against the Indian government establishments. The ultimate sufferers are the Kashmiri people, who do not have employment due to militancy there because of Pak-supported terrorism. Tourism, which was badly suffered, now gaining pace due to Indian government and Indian army’s flawless benevolent activities there.
Unfortunately, people are generally not aware of the present situation in Pak Administered Kashmir. Always the impression is given that India is the occupier of the Kashmir. The situation in Azad Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan, is largely hidden and neglected. Pakistan has been successful in diverting the attention of the people world over from Pak Administered Kashmir by always raking up the issues in India Administered Kashmir.

Islamabad should never forget that the territory of Kashmir in its possession, was taken forcefully and illegally against the wish of its residents. There are many books written on the history of Kashmir. How can Pakistan eliminate those chapters that narrate the horrors of Pakistani occupation of Kashmiri territory, the cries of girls, children, the mental agony the people gone through during that time and the wealth they had looted and taken away from Kashmir.

In my opinion, people in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir cannot even complain against the excesses of Pak establishment and exploitation of their resources.
There is a mockery of the Democratic Rights of the People and Pakistan has issued constitutional instruction that the people even cannot complain against those excesses. Issues like extra-judicial killings and cases of disappearances are frequent in Azad Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan. 
Jakarta, 31st May 2019


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